Optical and electronic responses of topological matter are fundamental to understand topological properties in real materials. The Berry curvature is behind numerous effects such as the anomalous Hall effect, the spin Hall effect or even heat currents as observed in the anomalous Nerst effect and the thermal Hall effect. Even more interestingly, the Berry curvature has been recently shown to determine novel and sizable non-linear optical effects, non-linear Hall responses without magnetic fields and universal responses of topological metals. Lastly, magnetotransport in topological metals is an exciting frontier to uncover exotic anomalous responses rooted in concepts from high-energy physics, such as the chiral anomaly. In this edition we will tackle all these phenomena, offering a pedagogical and broad picture of the main responses of topological matter.

Topological Matter School 2023 (August 20-25): during one week we will provide extended lectures on these exciting topics by leading experts in both experiment and theory.  Our program will be spread in 1 week with 6  lectures per day.  Outdoors activities to get to know the city and the Basque culture will also be organized, such a surf class in our precious Zurriola beach.

This is the list of lecturers for the 2023 edition:

  • Philip J. W. Moll  (Max Planck Institute, Hamburg, Germany) – 1. “Experimentally hunting topology via quantum oscillations” 2. “Introduction into quasi-symmetry
  • Phuan Ong  (Princeton University, USA) – 1. “Introduction to Berry curvature and its role in charge transport”  2. “Chern number, Berry curvature and thermal Hall conductivity in the Kitaev magnet a-RuCl3”
  • Julen Ibañez-Azpiroz (University of the Basque Country and CSIC, Spain) – 1. “Geometric aspects of quadratic optical responses” 2. “Shift photocurrent: Wannier interpolation and dipole selection rules”
  • Andrei Bernevig (Princeton University, USA) “Quantum geometry in flat bands and dispersive systems
  • Stepan Tsirkin (University of the Basque Country and CSIC, Spain)- “Numerical computations of nonlinear transport with WannierBerri code”
  • Dmytro Pesin (University of Virginia, USA) – “Semiclassical transport in metals with band geometry”
  • Jennifer Cano (Flatiron and Stony Brook University, USA) – 1. “Topological semimetals”
    2. “Higher order topology”
  • Nadya Mason (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA) – 1. “Topological Electronic Devices” 2.  “Topological Magnetic Devices”
  • Qiong Ma (Boston College, USA) – “Topology and Geometry under the Nonlinear Electromagnetic Spotlight: An Experimental Perspective”
  • Prineha Narang (UCLA, USA)- 1. ” Hydrodynamics” 2. “Axion electrodynamics
  • David Vanderbilt (Rutgers, USA) – 1. “Berry phases, Berry curvatures, and Hall conductivity” 2. “Wannier functions, electric polarization, orbital magnetization and axion coupling”
  • John Sipe (University of Toronto, Canada) – 1. “Nonlinear optics: a first look” 2. “Polarization and magnetization: from molecules to solids”
  • David Abergel (Chief editor Nature Physics, UK) – “Inside Nature Physics”

Registration deadline: April 28th 2023. 

Registration fee: 350,- € (includes 5 lunches, twice daily coffee breaks at the conference venue, and an event dinner)


Participants should make their own hotel reservation in Donostia (San Sebastian in Spanish language). We recommend  to visit the link of the Tourism Office  and make your own reservation directly from there.

However, the school will also offer special prices in some hostels/residences subject to accommodation availability. This accommodation option will be displayed during the registration process.

We strongly recommend booking your accommodation as early as possible !!!

Conference venue

This School is organized within the summer program of the University of Basque Country (UPV/EHU)  “Cursos de verano”. The event is sponsored by the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC). The conference venue is in the Miramar Palace is located on the La Concha Bay in the city of San Sebastian

Paseo de Miraconcha, 48
Donostia-San Sebastián, Gipuzkoa
Tfno. 943 21 90 22

From Bilbao Airport you can reach Donostia-San Sebastian with the bus service by PESA (www.pesa.net). The buses are running every 30 minutes. Once in Donostia-San Sebastian, you can reach the hotel with the bus service 45 leaving directly at the central bus station (street level). The closest bus stop for Olarain is “Magisteritza/Escuela de magisterio”

Conference dinner

Conference dinner will be held at  traditional Basque cider place: Txirrita Sagardotegia on Wednesday 23rd at 20:00.

Calle San Bartolomé, 32, 20007
Donostia –San Sebastián

Abstract booklet

You can download the abstract booklet here.

Slack channels

Slack channels will be used for discussions and poster presentations. We will get back to you closer to the conference date with specific instructions on how to connect to the Slack channels. In the meantime, please make sure that you are familiar with Slack if you have not used them already.  If you want to present your poster also virtually please prepare a pdf version. Instructions to upload them to Slack will also follow soon.


Lunch during the conference week will be served at the Costa Vasca at 13:00, 10 minutes away from Palacio Miramar.

Surf class

A surf class will organized on Thursday afternoon at Pukas Surf Eskola.


Even if it is summer time in Donostia-San Sebastian, the weather conditions are showing fast changes due to the Atlantic ocean. We suggest bringing T-shirts but also some light sweaters for the evening. An umbrella or a light rain jacket is always a good companion !

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